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Joe Pass Youtube Video

Thursday, February 11th, 2010 | Guitar Legends, Jazz Guitar, Youtube | 1 Comment

Here’s a great video of Joe Pass playing in a jazz combo in 1964.  Thankyou to Dan Adler for making me aware of this recording

If you like acoustic guitar check out The Acoustic Guitarist Site

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Jazz Guitar Video Youtube Jimmy Raney

Thursday, June 11th, 2009 | Guitar videos, Jazz Guitar, Youtube | No Comments

I’ve been seeing so much good jazz guitar video’s which are available lately, I thought I’d post another one.  This is Jimmy Raney, he’s not a household name like Montgomery, Kessell or Joe Pass but amongst jazz guitar players he’s held in very high regard.  His son is also a great player as well.  Here he is doing the jazz standard Out of Nowhere.

Jazz Guitar Youtube Joe Diorio Pat Metheny

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 | Guitar Legends, Jazz Guitar, Youtube | 3 Comments

Here’s a great Jazz Guitar Youtube of Joe Diorio and Pat Metheny.  The tune they are doing is a jzz/ blues classic called Blues in the closet.

Joe Diorio is a very well respected guitar player amongst jazz guitar players, in fact he is held in the highest regard.  To hear him here with Pat Metheny is a real treat. 

Here is a link to Joe’s Myspace page Joe Diorio MySpace

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Jazz Guitar Youtube Chuck Anderson

Thursday, June 4th, 2009 | Jazz Guitar, Youtube | No Comments

Here is some great jazz guitar that has everything in it, and in this case it’s great, chordal solos, fast hot jazz shredding, octaves and some beautiful flowing lines, it’s a great mix of various tequniques strung ( guitar joke) together very nicely.  The guitar player is Chuck Anderson, the tune is the magnificent standard “There Will Never Be Another You”.  Run it through a couple of times to get a good idea of what’s really going on here.

Here is Chuck’s site for more information about this great playing.  Check him out at Chuck Anderson

And really if you are going to listen to jazz guitar, you may as well listen to the great stuff!

For more guitar go to here Electric Guitarist Jazz Guitar

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Robert Cray Albert Collins Youtube

Sunday, April 19th, 2009 | Blues, Guitar Lessons, Jazz Guitar, Youtube | 1 Comment

Robert Cray and Albert Collins together, both are  exceptional blues players.  Very different in style, Albert plays a Fender Tele, what is unusual about his playing is he often uses a capo.  Albert Collins’s playing seems to have sweetened over the years, he has an extraordinary bite in his playing.  Robert Cray, the silky voiced bluesman achieved great commercial success in the eighties.  Robert would probably be the smoothest blues player getting around.  Robert first started playing because he liked the Beatles music.  He mixes the the brilliant blues of the past with the production quality of the present.

If you want to hear an exception album, have a listen to the Showdown album, it included a third great blues player Johnny Cougar.


Pat Martino and John Schofield Youtube

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 | Guitar Legends, Jazz Guitar, Youtube | No Comments

I was sitting at home listening to the Pat Martino CD We’ll be Together Again and then I realised that there maybe guitar players thatdon’t know this great jazz guitar legend.  Pat has had a very interesting journey in life and recovered from a very serious illness.  He is probably one of the most fluent players in the history of guitar.  Here is is on Youtube video with another great contemporary jazz guitar player John Schofield.  I saw John Schofield play in the early eighties in a guitar duet,  I still haven’t recovered.  :-)

Truly remarkable guitar playing if you care to look at it closely.

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Charlie Christian Youtube Jazz Guitar

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 | Guitar Legends, Jazz Guitar, Youtube | 4 Comments

When Charlie Christian first played the electric guitar in the late 30′s anbd early 1940′s, when most people heard it they did not realise that it was an electric guitar, it was a new phenomena.  This youtube video is not Charlie Christian playing live, it is a series of photographs, but the recording of him playing Stomping at the Savoy live in 1941 is of great historical interest to guitar players.  So many of the great jazz plays fashioned their style on Charlie Christian.  He died very young, just like Hendrix did.  His impact is not widely recognised outside of jazz guitar circles.

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Wes Montgomery Youtube Jazz Guitar

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 | Guitar Legends, Jazz Guitar, Youtube | 1 Comment

When people have said Wes Montgomery was the worlds best jazz guitarist, very few jazz guitar ;players question it.  When Wes played Round Midnight set the benchmark for all other jazz guitar players to be measured against.  I’ts 36 years since I first heard this, and still today I’m in awe.

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Duke Robillard Youtube

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 | Blues, Jazz Guitar, Youtube | 1 Comment

You may know the great blues guitar player, Duke Robillard.  Well here’s Duke in another setting playing a semi acoustic guitar solo.  Some players might think this sort of thing is easy to do.  Try it, see if you can play solo single lines with a few double stops and chords every now and then, just solo through a blues or simple jazz tune without stopping.   Joe Pass, Martin Taylor, Kenny Burrell and others are great (or were) at this.  This a a great way to strengthen your playing, stay with in the paramaters of a blues guitar progression and keep going.  I lie this  Duke Robillard on Youtube Video, it displays another aspect of his playing

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Ronnie Jordan Youtube Jazz Funk Guitar

Thursday, September 25th, 2008 | Electric Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Jazz Rock | 2 Comments

Ronnie Jordan is a very good contemporary jazz player, he plays very musically compared to a lot of other players and his emphasis is very much on feel.  In this youtube video he is playing the jazz standard by Miles Davis called So What.

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Bireli Lagrene and Stochelo Rosenberg Youtube

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 | Jazz Guitar | No Comments

Bireli Lagrene was recognised as being a genius guitar player at about 13 years old.  Stochelo is a member of the Rosenberg trio.  Although this is not electric music, there is one electric guitar in there so I’ve sneaked it in here on this basis. Any guitar players will realise how good these guys atre and probably weep, but don’t worry, very few players get much better so you’re not alone in your suffering.  The tune is Spain by Chic Correa.

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Martin Taylor Youtube – Georgia Jazz Guitar

Friday, September 5th, 2008 | Electric Guitar, Jazz Guitar | 1 Comment

Some years ago I asked Ike Isaacs, a former guitarist from Stephane Grapelli’s band, “who’s the best?” He didn’t hesitate at that time to respond Martin Taylor.  Coming from Ike Isaacs it’s a BIG call because Ike had played with Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, Howard Roberts, Ed Bickert…. the list is so long that it’s a history of jazz guitar.  Martin is a Scottish born guitar player, and at first when you watch or him play it may not be obvious how good he is.  But follow his music around for a while and you’ll begin to notice how exceptional he is.  He’s one of those players that matured at a young age. 

Not all players need to look flash, scream or shred to show their greatness.  Martin is no doubt one of the best players on the planet and most of the great jazz players are aware of his brilliance.

In this jzz guitar youtube video Martin Taylor is playing the jazz standard Georia on my Mind.

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Emily Remler Youtube

Monday, September 1st, 2008 | Blues, Jazz Guitar | No Comments

Emily Remler was a great female jazz guitar player, in fact she even worked with Larry Coryell, and if you don’t know Coryell he’s one of the great modern jazz rock players that also worked with McLaughlin, DiMeola and Paco DeLucia.  Emily left us in 1990 and moved on to the great jazz gig in the sky but she ws and will continue to be a great inspiration fro female guitar players everywhere.  In this yotube video, emily Remler is playing a blues in A, jazz style with all the nice chord subs and flowing lines.  You’ll notice she’s a very clean sort of player, a very nice style and you can tell she loved playing guitar.


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Pat Metheny Youtube

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 | Jazz Guitar | No Comments

Pat Metheny is one of those rare musicians who matured musically at a very young age.  At sixteen he was daring enough to approach the great jazz vibraphone player and ask him if he couild play with him.  And the legend goes on from there.  Pat Metheny when he recorded on the ECM help draw a large number of younger musicians to contemporary jazz.   He is known for his very lyrical playing, wheras many players don’t think too much about getting a melodic result but concentrate on being brilliant.  Metheny achieves that brilliance by his attention to melody and tone as well as having a technique that is far superior to most players.  Few players will achieve what Pat Metheny has done in his life time.

On this recording he is playing a semi acoustic, it’s called have you heard and is recorded in 1995 in Japan. He’s .playing reasonably fast in this tune but if you have followed his musical journey, you’d know he does very slow material, open tuning, and tunes on acoustic as well.


Wes Montgomery Youtube Jazz Guitar

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 | Electric Guitar, Jazz Guitar | No Comments

Wes Montgomery is to jazz guitar what Jimi Hendrix is to rock guitar.  I was 14 years old when someone took me to a record shop and said, “You like guitar, you better hear this guy”.  From that moment on I was hooked and although I was very up to speed on who was hot in rock guitar, I had a passion for jazz guitar and also it was a style that I natural had a feel for as a player.  

What guitar players need to realise about Wes Montgomery is he played with his thumb, not with a plectrum and nor was he a fingerstyle player. Wes is the benchmark that all jazz guitar players are measured by.  He was very famous for his octave playing.  His phrasing is perfect and as the late Ike Isaacs used to say to me about many of the guitar players out there, “they are just a bad version of Wes”.   Anyone that has played for 30 years or so would get the idea straight away.    As guitar players, particularly those that are jazz players, we owe a lot to or maybe I should say we can contribute a lot to Wes.

Wes Montgomery Youtube of his tune Jingles

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